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Fiber artist

October 16 - November 16, 2007

Tamara B. Lee Little was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. She currently resides in Williamsburg, VA.

Woven Turquoise, Tamara B. Lee-Little

The influences in her art can be traced through the cultures of her own heritage and her mother's commitment to giving her a vast background in textiles. Tamara's pieces are always devoted to the early functional crafts of Africa, the Americas and Asia -- mostly the masks and carved figures that she loves, and to her own need to add the textures of woven fabrics. She works in the same basic plant fibers, metal and clay that ancient artisans used to create the pieces that were a part of their everyday lives. Tamara uses many of the same tools and processes, like looming, as those early craftsmen did. She gathers her own materials from the earth as often as she can, and mixes those with modern products. She thinks of her work as a synthesis of cultures past, and her own times as a woman, mother and artist.

Tamara had the privilege to exhibit her work at the Renwick Gallery in Washington Dc. And also to travel as a traveling artist for the Virginia Fine Arts Museum in Richmond. This summer Tamara was invited to be the Virginian-Pilot Student Gallery finalist judge. And participated in the Chrysler Museum's Road Show event, that Hampton University Museum co-hosted with the friends of African American Art. Tamara plans to continue to grow as an artist, and explore the possibilities