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Our Mission Project History

Fourteen violins were transformed by some of the area's favorite artists into beautifully unique works of art and a fifteenth artist fashioned a violin made of glass. Successful as a fund-raiser for other orchestra leagues in the U.S., this local project represents a unique partnership of two important arts organizations in a benefit event.

The violins were introduced to the public at an "Overture" reception on September 10, 2004 at the Gallery on Merchants Square . The violins will tour for two months at exhibitions and events throughout the area.

Michael Kirby, Linda Baker,
Jane Medlin-Burton,
Ingrid Brown, Darrell Craig
TCAG, Williamsburg Symphonia & W.S. Art League
Bev Spannuth
Wmsbg. Symphonia
The "Intermezzo" tour period ran from September 12 until October 31, 2004, after which the violins were the focus of a show at This Century Art Gallery, which opened on November 1 and continued until the "Finale", a gala celebration on November 10, 2004 at the Williamsburg Community Building. Eight of the violins were featured in an extended raffle ticket sale, and seven were sold at the November 10 live auction conducted by well-known local charity auctioneer, Leighton Strader.

Jack Cowardin, Violin Maker

This charity event was designed to enhance support of the arts and please everyone involved. There were
be 15 lucky winners who took home these one-of-a-kind creations and thousands of other winners who will benefit from the funds raised.
The violins are for decorative purposes only and cannot be played.

Brochures for The Art of Music project were available at the various exhibition venues or by contacting the sponsoring organizations.

Ingrid Brown, Wmsbg. Symphonia League
Denise Corbett, Wmsbg. Youth Orchestras

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